I've sold books at the Southampton Ship Show recently. If you would like to buy before my next show, please message & I'm happy to negotiate. I can mail them (weights provided) and can confirm postage costs. Payment is via Paypal or UK Bank transfer.

The Wonder Book of Ships - inside it says to Billy Lockey with love from his mother Xmas 1924. 265 pages hardbacked cover 1076g


Titanic: An Illustrated History Hardback – 1 Oct 1995

by Donald Lynch  (Author), Ken Marschall  (Illustrator), Robert D. Ballard (Introduction) 2170g, so a heavy coffee table book


The Canadian Pacific Liner Empress of Britain with pull out sections 1971 1300g 146 pages . Internet search shows prices from £67. Offers

The ships of ....

1 P&O, Orient and Blue Anchor Lines - Hardback 430g £5

2 Cunard, American Red Star, Leyland, Dominion, Atlantic Transport and White Star Lines -       Hardback  518g £5 

3 Union,  Castle, Union-Castle, Allan and Canadian Pacific - Hardback 467 g£5

4 Hamburg America, Adler and Carr - Hardback 500g £5

9 Anchor Line - softback 230g £5

19 White Star Line (Oceanic Steam Navigation Co) - softback 235g £10


Merchant Ships at War - The Falkland Experience by Captain Roger Villar 1984 680g                       £7  

Liners in Battledress - Wartime camouflage and colour schemes for passenger ships by David Williams 1989 760g in good condition                  £8 

The Encyclopedia of Ships 2007 by Tony Gibbons 2050g so quite a heavy and comprehensive book was £25 new                                                    £10  

A concise guide in colour SHIPS 1973 390g Hardback 250 pages                                                                                 £4 

Passenger and Cruise Liners 1992 by Offerpace Ltd 66 pages 15cm x 10cm so quite small                                                   £1   

The Tyne 1991 21 photos 70g                                                  £2                                              

Tyne Liners 1900-1962 A slim publication mainly photos 70g                                                                                                   £2                                              

Castaway and Wrecked by Rex Cowan 1978 260g faded soft cover 64 pages                                                                       £4

Ben Line Fleet List and short history - World Ship Society publication 1967 115g 62 pages                                         £2                             

Ferries of the English Channel Past and Present - a FotoFlite paperback book 1992 58 pages of photos 135g                      £3                                                                               

Liners, Tankers and Merchant Ships - 300 of the world's greatest commercial vessels by Robert Jackson 2002 600g - a small hardbacked book                                                         £5                                                                             

National Maritime Museum's The Ship - Channel Packets and Ocean Liners 1980    310g so a small book      £2


The Royal Tour 1901 of the cruise of HMS Ophir  by Petty Officer Harry Price. Printed in 1980 1140g                          £7


Passenger Ships of the 20th Century - An illustrated Encyclopedia by David W Latimer 2002 was £50. Heavy book at 1400g and very comprehensive.                                    £20


The Golden Age of Ocean Liners by Lee Server 1996 31cm x 23cm 760g in good condition        £8 

Ocean Liners The Golden Year - A pictorial anthology by Rupert Prior 1993 30cm x 24 cm 1000g


The Liners  - A voyage of Discovery to support the series on Channel 4 by Rob McAuley 1997 1080g

In good condition                                                 £8 

Classic Ocean Liners Volume 1 Berengaria Leviathan & Majestic by Frank O Braynard 1990 was £20 800g          £10  

Flagships of the Line by Milton H Watson 1988 750g       £7  

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