The Wonder Book of Ships - inside it says to Billy Lockey with love from his mother Xmas 1924. 265 pages hardbacked cover 1076g


Titanic: An Illustrated History Hardback – 1 Oct 1995

by Donald Lynch  (Author), Ken Marschall  (Illustrator), Robert D. Ballard (Introduction) 2170g, so a heavy coffee table book


I've sold books at the Southampton Ship Show recently. If you would like to buy before my next show, please message & I'm happy to negotiate. I can mail them (weights provided) and can confirm postage costs. Payment is via Paypal or UK Bank transfer.

The Canadian Pacific Liner Empress of Britain with pull out sections 1971 1300g 146 pages . Internet search shows prices from £67. Offers


The Golden Age of Ocean Liners by Lee Server 1996 31cm x 23cm 760g in good condition        £8 

Ocean Liners The Golden Year - A pictorial anthology by Rupert Prior 1993 30cm x 24 cm 1000g


The Liners  - A voyage of Discovery to support the series on Channel 4 by Rob McAuley 1997 1080g

In good condition                                                 £8 

The ships of ....

1 P&O, Orient and Blue Anchor Lines - Hardback 430g £5

2 Cunard, American Red Star, Leyland, Dominion, Atlantic Transport and White Star Lines -       Hardback  518g £5 

3 Union,  Castle, Union-Castle, Allan and Canadian Pacific - Hardback 467 g£5

4 Hamburg America, Adler and Carr - Hardback 500g £5

6 Blue Funnel Line  - softback 355g SOLD

7 New Zealand Shipping and Federal SN Co - softback 260g SOLD

8 Pacific Steam Navigation Company - softback 230g SOLD

9 Anchor Line - softback 230g £5

19 White Star Line (Oceanic Steam Navigation Co) - softback 235g £10

20 Elder Dempster Lines - softback 400g SOLD

22 Glen and Shire Lines - softback 210g SOLD

32 Union Steamship Company of New Zealand - softback 280g SOLD

34 Lamport & Holt and Booth - softback 297g SOLD

35 Rotterdam Lloyd - softback 210g £5

Merchant Ships at War - The Falkland Experience by Captain Roger Villar 1984 680g                       £7  

Liners in Battledress - Wartime camouflage and colour schemes for passenger ships by David Williams 1989 760g in good condition                  £8 

The Encyclopedia of Ships 2007 by Tony Gibbons 2050g so quite a heavy and comprehensive book was £25 new                                                    £10  

Ships of Dover, Folkestone, Deal and Thanet by TWE Roche 1959 40g 28 pages                                                            SOLD  

Directory of the World's Steamships by Alistair Deayton. A solid volume of over 400 pages from 2007 980g                Sold                                               

A concise guide in colour SHIPS 1973 390g Hardback 250 pages                                                                                 £4 

Passenger and Cruise Liners 1992 by Offerpace Ltd 66 pages 15cm x 10cm so quite small                                                   £1   

The Tyne 1991 21 photos 70g                                                  £2                                              

Tyne Liners 1900-1962 A slim publication mainly photos 70g                                                                                                   £2                                              

Castaway and Wrecked by Rex Cowan 1978 260g faded soft cover 64 pages                                                                       £4

Ben Line Fleet List and short history - World Ship Society publication 1967 115g 62 pages                                         £2                             

Ferries of the English Channel Past and Present - a FotoFlite paperback book 1992 58 pages of photos 135g                      £3                                                                               

Liners, Tankers and Merchant Ships - 300 of the world's greatest commercial vessels by Robert Jackson 2002 600g - a small hardbacked book                                                         £5                                                                             

Ocean Ships by H M Le Fleming, one of a series - this is from 1962 410 g. Hardcover but fly sheet is ripped                  SOLD

National Maritime Museum's The Ship - Channel Packets and Ocean Liners 1980    310g so a small book      £2


The Royal Tour 1901 of the cruise of HMS Ophir  by Petty Officer Harry Price. Printed in 1980 1140g                          £7


Passenger Ships of the 20th Century - An illustrated Encyclopedia by David W Latimer 2002 was £50. Heavy book at 1400g and very comprehensive.                                    £20


Classic Ocean Liners Volume 1 Berengaria Leviathan & Majestic by Frank O Braynard 1990 was £20 800g          £10  

Flagships of the Line by Milton H Watson 1988 750g       £7  

The Story of P&O by Howarth and Howarth 1986 in Hardback 1160g                                                                 SOLD

Cunard White Star Liners of the 1930s by Richard P de Kerbrech and David Williams 1988 700g                         SOLD 

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