I've been selling these softcover books at the Southampton Ship Show recently. If you would like to buy a copy, please message me. I can mail them (weights provided) and can tell you the shipping cost. Happy to negotiate. Also see the next tab entitled 'Books for sale'

Emigrant Ships - the vessels that carried migrants across the world 1946-1972 by Anthony Cooke, Carmania Press 112 pages b&w photos 480g                                                                                                      £10

Great Ship Disasters by Kit & Carolyn Bonner 142 pages colour and b&w photos 610g                                                                              £10

New York Shipping by William H Miller, Carmania Press 96 pages b&w photos 415g                                                                        £10

The Great Luxury Liners - A photographic record 1927-1954 by William H Miller, Dover Press 162 pages b&w photos 670g              £10

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Ocean Liners 1860-1994, 417 photographs by William H Miller, Dover Press 144 pages b&w photos 540g    SOLD

The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners in Historic Photographs by William H Miller, with the assistance of the Museum of the City of New York, Dover Press 150 pages b&w photos 610g                                                                                                                        £10

Ocean Liner Chronicles by William H Miller, Carmania Press 130 pages with stunning b&w and some colour photos 560g                    Condition as new                                                                               SOLD

The Liner. Retrospective and Renaissance by Philip Dawson Conway Press 256 pages with colour and b&w photos 1100g - as new          £15

Great Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners from 1954-1986. A Photographic Survey by William H Miller, Dover Press 134 pages b&w photos 480g                                                                                                            SOLD

Picture History of the Cunard Line 1884-1990 by Frank O Braynard and William H Miller, Dover Press 134 pages b&w photos     SOLD

Passenger Liners French Style by William H Miller, Carmania Press 140 pages b&w photos 570g                                                                 SOLD

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